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Sporty Scholars ltd is a unique specialty coaching programme which uses different teaching styles to educate and deliver engaging lessons in Milton Keynes, Bedford, Northampton. Nick and Chantel have had many years of experience in the coaching world and started Teddy Tennis Milton Keynes along with Teddy Sport in the local area. We create lessons for children and adults in a safe, engaging, and fun environment



Give your child the best start in life with Sporty Scholars

Care Club

Willen Primary School 

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Teddy Sports Milton Keynes

Weekly Lessons

(Age 3 - 5)

Evenings and Weekends

Tennis 3,4,5

Football Ages 3,4,5

Kids Playing Tug of War

Sporty Scholars Birthday Parties

(Age 2 - 12)

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Kids Holiday Camps
Milton Keynes
             & Flitwick 
                  DECEMBER HOLIDAYS
Bookings Now Open
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Kids Weekly Programmes
Evenings and Weekends
Dance Ages 4-12
Tennis Ages 6-8 
Football Ages 5-12

School Clubs
Before & After School Clubs
Pre School PE

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What People Say

“Hello  and  an  overwhelming  thank  you  for  the  time  you  spent  with  us!  Your  presence was both professional  and  wonderfully  engaging. The  ability  to  keep  little  ones  ages 3-5  engaged,  happy and  excited  about  tennis  play  was  very  inspiring  to  watch.  You all  have  inspirational  character that  won  over  the  kids  and  filled  our  hearts!  Each  of you  truly  have  a  talent.  I  was  very excited  and  impressed  to  see  the  organization  and the  fluidity  in  your  program.  Such  Valuable experiences  you  provided  with  your loveable  animal  characters  and  the  well  thought  out  quality of  your  curriculum.

You surely  left  us  all  wanting  to  experience  more!  I  can  whole  heartedly see  the  benefit  of a  program  such  as  Teddy  Sport! Vivo  Little  Kids  Active  Learners  Pre  School.” 




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