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Private Tennis Lesson age 4 Perfecting The Forehand Technique

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Amelia already learning the techniques of each shot at the young age of 4. Amelia has started with the fundamentals and has created great timing and contact. Here in this video it is showing beautiful technique of Amelia practising a low to high swing, which she has learnt in stages. Start simple and then build on the shot, most importantly ensure she is contacting the ball in the right place and bring elements of fun into every session.


  • Head of the racket above the wrist.

  • Drop the ball in front of the body (not too close or they wonʼt make contact with the ball).

  • Create a small C shape racket pathway in lessons we call this “KNEES to TREES”.

  • Finish with the head of the racket on the shoulder.

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