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Sporty Scholars

in School

Before and After School Clubs

(Age 4 - 12 years)

Our specialty sport B&A clubs are designed specifically for each age group ages Foundation, Year 1 Teddy Sport, and Year 2 to Year 6 The Adventurers Club.

We have 3 high quality B&A clubs: Tennis, Cricket, or Football, whichyour school may have 1 specialty sport for that school or even all 3.

Our fantastic coaches immerse children into an interactive learning environment to keep children involved and active whilst building skills of the sport and confidence in each child.

PE Nurseries and Schools (Age 2 - 12 years)

Innovative High Quality PE, motivating children to get active and enjoy physical education 

Nursery PE Activities

& Foundation PE

(Age 2 - 7 years)

Sporty Scholars PE for pre school and foundation ages ages (2-7) where they learn physical literacy through balance, coordination , agility, reaction time, speed & spacial awareness


We also have our fantastic Teddy Sports programme, which specialises in 3 sports: Teddy Tennis, Teddy Soccer and Teddy Cricket. Our 4th addition is our performing arts; Teddy Dance!

Sporty Scholars

in School PE

Age 7 - 12 years (for Schools)

We at Sporty Scholars thrive ourselves in the ability to introduce children to healthy competitive sport through positive learning. 

Our programme teaches children to self assess and learn from watching others, as well as the importance of working in a team and building a good foundation in the sport.

We specialise in 3 major sports Tennis, Soccer and Cricket as well as the 6 essential physical developments which are transferable to other sports.

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